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We are on a mission to raise $25,000 for Together We Rise, so for every HomeOwner We Help (Sell A Home), For Every Home Buyer We Help (Find Their Dream Home) Or Mortgage Loan We Process (Refinance, Reverse Mortgage, & Equity Lines), we donate a Large Portion of our Income to TWR. 

Together We Rise is a non-profit organization, whose vision is to improve the lives of forgotten and neglected foster children in America.  Comprised of motivated young adults and former foster youth, TWR does so many amazing things from Sweet Cases, to sponsoring foster kids who age out of the foster system at 18. They sponsor foster children who want to go to college. They build bikes and skate boards for foster kids. They help people adopt foster children and they even take siblings who do not live together in the same foster home, to Disneyland, so they can bond and see each other. TWR does so much for foster youth! They are an awesome organization doing amazing things for foster kids, and we could not be happier to support their great cause!  

This is a cause that is very near to our hearts. My wife Kim lost her mom when she was only 5, her brother 6, and her sister 6 months old. There were no families willing to take on all 3 children, so they were separated. They went many years with no contact at all. Kim’s sister was adopted by a loving family, while Kim and her brother continued their battle in the foster care system. My wife has shared some of the blessings and some of the horrors of growing up in a broken system. So many children in foster care are labeled bad kids but it many cases they are survivors of bad situations. So many grow up never belonging and never having the love of parents or siblings. That is why “Together We Rise” and what they represent is so important to our team. - Billy Bryson 


Who do you know that could use our help and services?  

Not only will they benefit from our award winning service, but we donate a substantial portion of our income on every home sale or mortgage loan to this incredible organization.  

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